2021 Summer. Night photography, light graffiti. I know that my son will never forget that summer when his crazy parents took him to the park for the night picnics with music, lights, making art, and dancing in the dark. "Aurora" collection is a little cozy family project between me, my husband, our 14-year-old son, and friends. To have fun, create something beautiful, surprising, yet simple, feel the joy of learning something new, and the importance of improving and inventing. These last two years were challenging and draining to everyone, especially teenagers who are so anxious to meet the world. So this summer, we wanted to make sure that it will be full of bright memories. Even if we just traveled across the street. Please join my little discord channel to claim your customized Auroras, Brights, Lights and enter the raffles https://discord.gg/tcvFa3cNVC