Tutorial paso a paso para crear una cuenta en Belong

Tutorial paso a paso para crear una cuenta en Belong

Belong merges community engagement with digital asset management, offering a seamless platform for social connections and secure asset handling. This guide will quickly get you started, enabling access to Belong's features-from joining communities to managing assets and more.

Embark on this journey with us as you unlock Belong's capabilities, designed for an enriched digital experience. Let's set up your account and introduce you to the world of Belong:

  1. Visita la página oficial de Belong.net y ve a la página principal.

  2. Busca el botón "Lanzar aplicación web" en el centro de la página de inicio y haz clic en él.


  3. Haz clic en el botón “Registrarse” ubicado en la esquina inferior derecha para comenzar el proceso de creación de la cuenta.


  4. Después de registrarte, considera visitar la privacidad y configuraciones de tu cuenta, accesibles desde la esquina superior izquierda.


  5. Con estos pasos completados, tu cuenta ahora está lista para su uso.

After registration, users can create private chats and groups, and also receive full access to all functions and features of the site. You can also connect a crypto wallet and join paid chats. Users can set up accounts, record important credentials, and switch between them. With the ability to link several accounts under one main one.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to effectively manage your digital assets on Belong. It combines user convenience with strong security. Guard your credentials and use trusted platforms like Belong for smooth, secure digital interactions. With your Belong account, you are ready for the digital age.