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Log in with your Web3 wallet and explore the NFT communities you belong to

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Receive push notifications about upcoming mints, claims, events, and alpha - all delivered directly to your lock screen

Connect with Holders

Connect with other holders and get access to members-only chat rooms

Meet IRL

Coordinate IRL encounters with community calendar and the map of holders; get notified when your travel plans overlap

Belong turns passes, membership, and loyalty cards into NFTs, leveraging the blockchain for
Verification of authenticity
Proof of ownership
…all in a safe, portable, and non-custodial way
Mint your community NFT
Your WEB3 homepage
Get a short profile with your NFT gallery, badges, socials, and public events you post
Enriched member profiles
Provide community members with a better way to connect: from follow requests and social links, to shared collections, interests, and NFT updates - and know more about your audience than just their wallet address.
Featured Hub
Hosted by FactBlock and co-hosted by Hashed, Korea Blockchain Week 2022 is a premier crypto and blockchain event bringing together the brightest minds of the industry to discuss, redefine, and celebrate the future of finance. Right in the heart of Seoul, the action-packed event features inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, pitch competitions, investor meet-ups, and world-class networking opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. Mark your calendars for Asia’s largest Blockchain event on August 7-14, 2022!
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Get access to private events and create your own to earn perks and rewards

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