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Monetization is Here
Empower Your Creativity with the Power of NFTs
Platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans paved the way for content monetization. Now, Belong is here to redefine it, harnessing the power of crypto and NFTs
Why Belong is the Ultimate Platform for Creators
Stay Anonymous with Crypto
Stay Anonymous with Crypto
Your fans value privacy. With crypto transactions, their identity remains concealed, ensuring a secure and private experience.
More Earnings, Minimal Fees
More Earnings, Minimal Fees
At Belong, we take only 3% of your earnings. Unlike platforms like Patreon, you keep a significant share of your hard-earned money
Earn from Referrals
Earn from Referrals
Refer creators to Belong and earn a 3% commission. Receive it instantly with every creator membership pass sale.
Expiring Memberships
Expiring Memberships
Offer limited-time content access with memberships that expire, ensuring exclusivity and recurrent engagement.
Total Control and Ownership
Total Control and Ownership
Dictate your content terms, set your prices, and directly engage with your community.
Crypto & Modern Payment Convenience
Crypto & Modern Payment Convenience
Not only do we handle crypto transactions, but we also accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for instant purchases. Belong makes it easy for every user.
Receive Your Funds Instantly
Receive Your Funds Instantly
No more waiting. Get your funds immediately in your crypto wallet, bypassing traditional banking systems and ensuring privacy.
Coming soon
Token-Gating for Telegram and WhatsApp

Already have a thriving community on Telegram or WhatsApp? Soon, with Belong's token-gating, you'll be able to monetize these platforms effortlessly. Use your existing tools and integrate Belong's token-gating to generate revenue from your Telegram channels and WhatsApp chats.

Referring Creators to Belong
Know other creators? Introduce them to Belong and benefit from their success. With our referral system, earn a 3% commission instantly with every membership pass sale they make.
Seamless Transition to Web3 with Belong
Embrace the decentralized world of Web3. With Belong, you and your fans get an unmatched content engagement experience.
Are You Ready to Transform Your Creator Experience?
Belong isn't just another platform; it's a movement. Join us and be a part of the future.
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