Belong Founder Pass

Get access to a community of creators, collectors, and thought leaders on Belong

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How can I get one?
Early Access
Early Access
As a Founder NFT holder, you'll have exclusive early access to new features and content on our platform. This gives you a competitive advantage to gain more exposure, reach a larger audience, and build your brand on our social network. Don't have your own NFT collection yet? Don't worry, there are still plenty of ways to get involved and take advantage of all Belong has to offer

WL Spots and Exclusive Content

Our NFT holders get access to exclusive content like premium forums and chat rooms, as well as holder-only whitelist spots for upcoming mints on Belong. This gives you a first-mover advantage in acquiring new NFTs and can potentially increase the value of your collection. Stay in the know and keep up with the latest conversations on our platform, while also gaining exclusive access to new mints.
WL Spotsand Exclusive Content
Collection Notifications
Get Hub notifications for token-gated Hubs you don't have NFTs for, so you can stay in the loop even if you're not a member. Never miss Gen-2 mints and giveaways of the collections you follow - Belong will help you get on board.
Voting Rights
As a Founder NFT holder, you have a say in platform-related decisions. Belong will be running in-app voting so that you can help shape the future of our social network and our DAO.
Voting Rights
Exclusive Events
Exclusive Events
Belong Founder Pass holders get invited to exclusive events hosted by Belong and its partners, both online and IRL.
SpecialRecognition Special Recognition
NFT holders get special recognition on our platform with a Founder Pass badge. It will be displayed next to your name on Belong and will provide access to additional features in-app.
Stay invisible in Hubs so others cannot see you in chat rooms and lists of members - for an ultimate stealth mode while staying informed about collection happenings
PremiumNotificationsPremium Notifications
Subscribe to mint notifications and event updates for collections you do not own - stay aware of Gen2 mints, important announcements, and ways to connect with holders of any collection
Your WEB3 homepage
Get a short profile with your NFT gallery, badges, socials, and public events you post
A growth hack for your community
Raffle mint passes among your early adopters and grow your audience, using passes for WL access and alpha. We’ve optimized the contract to have sub-$5 mint cost on ETH Layer 1
A growth hack for your community
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