Monetize Your Community with

Monetize Your Community with


Double the Revenue

Double the Revenue Streams from Your Community

Explore Belong's innovative approach to monetizing online communities and events. Our advanced token gating system transforms your community into a thriving revenue-generating platform, seamlessly integrating with both digital and physical realms.

Selling Memberships:

Selling Memberships: Unlock New Revenue Potential

Utilize Belong's token gating with NFTs for exclusive community access and enjoy our transparent pricing model - only 2% of sales. Our diverse payment system supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card payments, and crypto transactions.

Start leveraging Belong’s diverse payment options to maximize your membership revenue now!

Monetizing Access to Private Chats:

Monetizing Access to Private Chats: Connect and Earn

Belong provides access to paid or private content for verified community members. This feature enables cases like education, fan communication, gated live streams, and more, transforming every interaction into a potential revenue stream.

Join Belong and start monetizing your educational content, fan interactions, and exclusive live streams.

Monetize your content

Hosting and Monetizing Events:

Hosting and Monetizing Events: Transform Your Events into Revenue Generators

Belong's NFT ticketing system elevates your events, offering instant payouts, reduced fees, and turning tickets into valuable digital collectibles.

Revolutionize your event management and monetization strategies with Belong’s NFT ticketing.

Monetizing Physical Locations:

Monetizing Physical Locations: Revolutionize Access Management

Belong’s upcoming Apple Home integration allows seamless entry to facilities like coworking spaces, gyms, and clubhouses, without the need for check-ins. Our system supports expiring NFT memberships based on membership type and purchase date.

Transform your physical space management with Belong’s innovative and effortless access control.

Phygital Goods:

Phygital Goods: Leverage NFTs for Community Merchandise

With Belong, you can sell community swag through NFTs. When a user buys the NFT, they can claim the physical item from you, allowing you to receive payments for physical goods claimable by the NFT. This novel approach bridges the gap between digital and physical worlds, enhancing your community's engagement and monetization possibilities.

Start selling your unique community merchandise through NFTs and expand your revenue streams.

Start Building Your Monetized Community Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your community with Belong. Our platform offers seamless integration, innovative features, and multiple revenue streams. Whether it's online or physical spaces, private chats, or exclusive events, Belong is your partner in community growth and monetization.

Join Belongnow and take the first step towards transforming your community into a thriving, revenue-generating ecosystem.
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