NFT Tickets Made Easy: How Belong Simplifies the Process and Revolutionizes the Event Industry
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The Challenges of Creating NFT Tickets Before Belong

Before Belong, creating NFT tickets was a complex and often daunting process. Here are some of the key challenges faced by event organizers, accompanied by real-life examples:


1. Smart Contract Development

Creating NFT tickets required the expertise of smart contract developers. These developers were tasked with writing and deploying code on a blockchain network, a process that is costly, time-consuming, and requires specialized knowledge. For instance, a small indie music festival in 2020 struggled to find and hire a skilled developer to create NFT tickets, ultimately delaying the event launch and incurring additional costs.

2. Building Landing Pages

To sell the NFT tickets, event organizers had to create dedicated landing pages, which required web design and development skills. A regional tech conference faced difficulties designing a visually appealing and functional landing page, leading to a suboptimal customer experience and hindering ticket sales.

3. Connecting Payment Gateways

To accept credit card payments, event organizers had to integrate payment gateways, a process that involved dealing with APIs, security considerations, and often, compliance requirements. A local art exhibition intending to use NFT tickets experienced technical difficulties when trying to connect a payment gateway, resulting in a loss of potential ticket buyers.

4. Custody Risks

The custody risks often stemmed from bugs in smart contracts that allowed hackers to access the treasury. A virtual reality event in early 2021 fell victim to a smart contract vulnerability, leading to the theft of NFT tickets and funds, damaging the event's reputation and causing financial loss.

5. Reputational Risks

Any vulnerabilities in the smart contracts could lead to hacks, resulting in reputational damage and financial loss for the event organizers. A film festival in late 2020 faced backlash after a smart contract vulnerability led to counterfeit NFT tickets, undermining the festival's credibility and causing chaos at the entrance.


Belong role in NFT Ticketing

Belong, a registered Delaware company with a fully doxxed team and top-tier investors on board, has revolutionized the process of creating NFT tickets, eliminating these complexities and making the process accessible to everyone.


How Belong Solves Each Step

  • Automated Smart Contract Creation

Belong automates the creation of smart contracts, eliminating the need for specialized knowledge and significantly reducing costs and time.

  • Integrated Landing Page Builder

Belong provides a user-friendly landing page builder, enabling event organizers to create sleek, professional pages without any coding or design skills.

  • Seamless Payment Gateway Integration

Belong integrates credit card payments seamlessly, making it easy for customers to buy NFT tickets. Plus, it supports dozens of crypto wallets and both Polygon and Ethereum networks for crypto enthusiasts.

  • Secure Wallet Management:

Belong manages wallet creation and custody, providing peace of mind for event organizers and attendees. Users can sign up with their Apple, Google, or Discord account for background wallet creation.

  • Top-Notch Security

Belong's platform has passed independent security audits resulting in a perfect score, reducing exposure to potential vulnerabilities and protecting the brand image of businesses.